Vendetta by Elizabeth FlahertyOn a bright spring afternoon, six-year-old Bethany Chase was the only witness to her mother’s murder in Central Park. The photo of Bethany draped in a policeman’s jacket, a single streak of blood on her cheek, caused a media firestorm and won the hearts of even the most hardened New Yorkers.
Twenty-five years later, Bethany is as well known for her philanthropy as she is for her role as the “silent witness” to the tragic murder. To the outside world, Bethany is well-adjusted and successful.
She is the president of her family’s charitable foundation, which is known throughout the city for its work supporting victims’ groups and crime prevention. But underneath the facade, Bethany is obsessed with finding her mother’s killer.
Her quest is a well-guarded secret, unknown to even her closest friends, because Bethany doesn’t want to admit what she has done in the name of justice. When men from her mother’s past appear on Bethany’s doorstep, she learns that her mother had many secrets of her own. The secrets reveal a world of violence and deceit, and bring Bethany face to face with the truth about her mother’s life and death.
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